Clearing browser cache in google chrome

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Caching in website is an very important part, but something it creates huge confusion & problem when you make any CSS level changes. Like you have change the CSS as per client requirements, but client is unable to see those changes & considering that you haven’t made any changes.

To avoid such noise in between clients and end user. We can clear cache from there browser in three simple steps.

  1. Open element inspector
  2. Right click on reload button
  3. Clear Cache & reload

Open element inspector

Element inspector also known as inspect element, this option is available in most modern web browsers, but we are talking here specifically about google chrome. So open “inspect element”. Just right click on web page. Then you can find an option of “inspect element” once you click on that an pop up window will open from bottom side of browser. And then you can see the code and do lot more things, that we will in later posts.

Right click on Reload Button

When you open element inspector or inspect element, then your browser turns to developer mode. And allow you to access some hide features of google chrome. You need to right click on the browser reload button. Without inspect element, you couldn’t right click on reload button.

Clear cache & reload

When you right click on reload button, three options will pop out. Clear cache, hard reload & clear cache & reload. You can try all these three options. But we have to click on “Clear cache & reload” option.

Once you follow these steps, your browser cache will be clear & you can see those changes properly. But if there are some responsive CSS changes which you have did, then make sure you are on valid screen size.

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