Top #3 uses of google calendar


Google calendar is one of the best calendar app available in the market. With google calendar app, you can do lot of things to boost your business & personal productivity. Below are the top 3 uses of Google Calendar.

  1. Planning & scheduling events.
  2. Activity tracking.
  3. Appointment slots.

Planning & scheduling events

In google calendar you can create multiple calendars, these calendars can be shared with specific people or made public. On the new calendar you can set the events, workshop dates etc. and share with the people or made public. This is mostly useful for businesses or institute who conduct seminars, workshop & events. The details or seminar, workshop & events can be shared with people and when they open the calendar they can add that calendar to there account. So even if you have a change in the event date or location that will be automatically get updated to all the users who have that calendar.

Activity tracking

On Google Calendar you can keep track of daily routine & activities on timely basis. You can even plan your entire day on mobile phone using Google Calendar app.

Appointment slots

If you are in the field where you have allotted specific time slots for people to meet. Then you can create a new calendar and set your appointment slots & make it public. So people can easily check with your available appointment slots. This best suited for doctors, lawyer & professional.

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