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eCommerce Website Development & Designing

Why ZitaSoft for eCommerce Website

We know why you have decided to start an Ecommerce website, to boost your business. We focus to help you grow your business. We believe in a WIN WIN Situation, if you got good response then you will be happy, ultimately your customers will be happy. So do we are also happy.

We bring revolutionary plans & strategies to boost your online business, now a days to start an online business all you need is time & some startup cash to setup the business.

With eCommerce portal possibilities are endless, if your product super amazing, then you will be a billionaire in the first quarter of your website golive.

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What is an eCommerce Website

eCommerce website is an online portal which allow customer to order, book or signup for your services or product seamlessly with payments. In today’s fast growing world, people are having no time to visit the storefront a buy product or service, most customers are comfortable to buy products & service through online channel like eCommerce portal.

Any portal which is making or having the ability to make or collect payment online using e-Payment mode are called as eCommerce Portal. There are broadly three main types of eCommerce portals first is Business-to-Business , Business-to-Customer & Customer-to-Customer.


Business to Business eCommerce portal



Business to Customer eCommerce portal



Customer to Customer eCommerce portal


Benefits of eCommerce website

Customer Management

Access customer database, online KYC process.


Inventory Management

With eCommerce Portal you can easily manage your Physical Stock, movable stock, etc.


Order Management

Order management with eCommerce website is very simple & required very less efforts to maintain it.


Accounting & Invoicing

Easy & quick customer accounting & invoicing on the fly, when order is place & payment Is made.


Better Customer Relationship

Send birthday gift card, stay connected with your customers, share latest offers with existing customers.


Online Payments

Receive payment online no more negative cash flow. Turn your negative cash flow to positive.


We work with a wide variety of platforms

There are various eCommerce platforms which we can choose, every eCommerce platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. But we will help you with that and select the best which suits your requirement. Sometimes the requirements are very different or going to be different in the future. Then we have to design the entire system from scratch.


Seemless payment gateway integration

Payment gateway is one of the most important component in eCommerce website, we integrate payment gateway in your eCommerce website. There are various option to choose from payment gateway, it is totally depend upon you which payment gateway option you are comfortable with, there are various factors that might affect your decision. Like per transaction cost, monthly maintenance fees & other charges.


We provide training to manage your eCommerce website

When you start an eCommerce website, you are actually starting a new branch of your shop. To run that branch you need to be aware of few things which are running that new branch. Also if you have back-office staff they should be aware of this new branch or portal and how to manage it. Because on a daily basis your back-office staff will going to process orders, talk with customers & many more. We guide you or your staff member how to manage the portal smoothly.

FAQs in eCommerce Website Development

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